Treating Digital Addiction

Treating Digital Addiction

Treating Digital Addiction Dr. Hilarie Cash has been working on treating internet addiction since the 90’s. In 2009, she co-founded reSTART Life which is the nation’s first and foremost treatment program for different online addictions and underlying mental health conditions.  Currently, Dr. Cash serves as the Chief Clinical Officer at reSTART Life and she’ll share …

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healthy boundaries

2 Ways to Create Healthy Boundaries

Create Healthy Boundaries In their discussion, Jay and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee highlighted that setting healthy boundaries is not only crucial for one’s own well-being, but it also positively impacts our relationships with others. They talked about how establishing boundaries can prevent burnout, reduce stress and anxiety, and help us prioritize what is truly important in …

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Exquisite Learning From Nature

How can we learn from Nature? Buddhist teacher Mark Coleman shows us how learning from nature and incorporate it into our practice. Mark shares his insights and experiences from years of leading wilderness retreats, and explains how reconnecting with the natural world can deepen mindfulness and enhance our well-being. You’ll learn specific meditative practices, how …

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