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A Daily Workout for Nagging Self-Criticism

Self-Criticism Lots of us hit the gym in January to get fit – but should we also be exercising our minds in preparation for tough times? A daily “self-talk workout” might be just as beneficial as squats and push-ups, says Seattle University psychology professor Rachel Turow. By practicing simple self-compassion exercises each day – such …

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Boosting Self-Belief

Boosting Self-Belief

Boosting Self-Belief Self-belief is a powerful tool. It gives us the confidence to pursue our goals and face life’s challenges head-on. It’s not something we’re born with, but rather, it’s something we can cultivate over time. In this podcast they discuss ways of boosting self-belief. Further Material and Information Links: Happiness Through Exercise Learning from …

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Happiness Through Exercise

Enhancing Happiness Through Exercise

Find Happiness Through Exercise Dr. Chatterjee speaks with author Kelly McGonigal about finding happiness through exercise, and so much more.  This episode features Dr. Chatterjee speaking with author Kelly McGonigal about the importance of movement and exercise for finding happiness. They discuss how even small amounts of exercise can have significant benefits for the body, …

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Exquisite Learning From Nature

How can we learn from Nature? Buddhist teacher Mark Coleman shows us how learning from nature and incorporate it into our practice. Mark shares his insights and experiences from years of leading wilderness retreats, and explains how reconnecting with the natural world can deepen mindfulness and enhance our well-being. You’ll learn specific meditative practices, how …

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