Why are Men Unhappy with Their Bodies?

Why are Men Unhappy with Their Bodies?

Scott Griffiths is a researcher and psychologist at the University of Melbourne and an author known for his work on male body dissatisfaction and muscle dysmorphia.
Many men have experienced this phenomenon – looking at photos of ripped guys on social media and longing for a more muscular physique. Why are so many men dissatisfied with their bodies and why do they continue to feel bad even when they’re in great condition?

Expect to learn the risk factors associated with body dysmorphia, why men’s body dysmorphia is on track to overtake women’s, the influence of action figures on the our expectations, the preferences men and women truly have regarding different body types, why gay men exhibit higher rates of body dysmorphia, if your concerns over your height and penis size are genuinely warranted and much more…

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