5 Things Men are not Telling You

5 Things Men are not Telling You

Mel talks about the 5 things men are not telling you. There are some things which men have a great deal of difficulty in talking about.  

Timestamps for this episode:

  • 2:25: The 5 shocking things that most men are struggling with
  • 4:57: Do you put others’ needs above your own? Do this exercise.
  • 14:24: Why my husband, Chris, thought this habit was ridiculous at first
  • 18:11: When in his life Chris started to feel like a failure
  • 25:24: What all men struggle with
  • 27:48: 50% of people find it impossible to do this.
  • 29:35: What Chris has to say to all the men out there
  • 32:34: The profound insight Chris had when he took the 5-day challenge
  • 37:40: Why I sign off every letter and every episode the way I do
  • 39:06: What you tell yourself every time you do this one habit
  • 41:56: The message from a listener that every skeptic needs to hear
  • 41:44: Why it’s so hard to love yourself
  • 51:50: Why you’re going to want to share this with the men in your life

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