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Guided Meditation for Stressed Parents

Parenting is stressful. In this 6-minute guided meditation, psychologist Dr. Andrew Kahn helps you calm your mind and body so you can respond to your child more effectively. This is the last episode of “What Now? A Parent’s Guide to Tantrums and Meltdowns.” Listen to the rest of Season 1 for strategies to help you […]

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The Circadian Rhythms: Why Teens Are Tired in School

When children become teenagers, hormonal changes shift their circadian rhythm—they get tired later. Since schools typically don’t adapt to their new natural sleep cycle, they often get less sleep during weekdays, affecting their memory retention, emotional well-being, and health. If we want teenagers to learn and prosper, schools could do what sounds so simple, adjust

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Storytelling can Inspire

Storytelling Talking about your own mental health journey can inspire others to make changes in their own lives. Storytelling is an important part of advocacy, and there are many ways you can go about it. Check out the Balancing Our Minds Inspiring Action toolkit for ways you can start advocating for mental health in your

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