Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Causes of BPD

What are the Causes of BPD?

The Causes of BPD What are the causes of BPD? Here to answer that question is leading clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula. In this video, Dr. Ramani shares tips on spotting the early signs BPD and what causes it that you need to know. She discusses:– The biological factors affecting BPD– The environmental factors affecting […]

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BPD Misconceptions

3 Major BPD Misconceptions

BPD Misconceptions BPD misconceptions are extremely common and Borderline Personality Disorder is often mistake for another disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder comes with many myths and misconceptions. Here to discuss the myths about borderline personality disorder you need to know is personality disorders expert Dr. Ramani Durvasula. She answers: Why are there so many misconceptions surrounding

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What Causes Borderline Personality Disorder?

I want to briefly describe what BPD is to those of you who may not know yet. Borderline Personality disorder or BPD is a mental illness that’s characterized by a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, and self-image. Those with BPD can be impulsive (with regard to self-harm behaviors, sex, spending, binge eating, reckless

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