Owning It: Cassie Stokes talks heartbreak, agoraphobia and prawn-induced anxiety (yes)

As mentioned in the podcast intro, here is the link to my upcoming event in The Alex hotel. It’s a publishing masterclass for anyone who’s ever dreamed of writing a book. There will be more events coming soon specifically themed around anxiety so stay tuned for those.

This week Cassie Stokes of Xpose fame joins me to talk about her recent experience of heartbreak and the anxiety that goes along with it, as well as how anxiety manifested for her from the age of 20, including a fear of prawns, a fear of people in large crowds, a fear of being sick on modes of transport and more. Through therapy and CBT skills that she still uses to this day, she’s managing it well. She knows it will always be there but she understands it and has the coping mechanisms necessary to own it.

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