Owning It: Coping with anxiety surrounding a break-up

Something I have yet to really dive into is the anxiety surrounding a break up, which is something so many of us, if not all of us, will probably experience at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s a split from your first love, or maybe, as is the case for my guest, journalist and author Liadan Hynes, it’s a separation from your husband or partner with whom you share children or someone with whom you’ve built a life that you expected to see continue forever. It’s a very tangible anxiety: that realisation that you need to remove yourself from the relationship, or maybe you’re perfectly happy but then face the anxiety of learning that your partner wants out, and suddenly your whole life, stretching out in front of you looks different and terrifying. Here Lia, who has written an incredible book called How to Fall Apart shares her story, how she coped with the anxiety that went along with the various stages of this major life change and how she’s doing now. I don’t doubt that this will resonate with a lot of you and I hope you find it comforting. Just a note to say you’ll have to forgive me for a slight dip in audio quality here, we were in the depths of lockdown when recording, I had builders drilling throughout the house and you might here Lia’s little girl in the background at points too, who was being homeschooled, but such is the beauty of our vulnerable lives! Thanks as always for tuning in, thanks for supporting me on www.patreon.com/carolineforan. The monthly price of a cup of coffee makes such a difference and is massively appreciated. Til next week! 

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