Owning It: Why your pituitary gland holds the key to unlocking your anxiety

Hello dear listener and welcome to this expert led episode of owning it the anxiety podcast with your host, author Caroline Foran. This time we are delving into our endocrine system. What role do our hormones play when it comes to anxiety? What’s the job of our pituitary gland – what even is that – and why is this so important if we want to bring down our anxious symptoms? Long story short, your hormones are EVERYTHING. And we so often overlook them or are completely unaware of how powerful they can be. It’s not all in your head, it’s all in your hormones. Here internationally renowned endocrinologist Dr Mary Ryan helps us to better understand our hormones, the key players involved with anxiety in particular, and advises us on precisely what our pituitary gland needs in order to function well, which, of course, leads us to feeling less anxious. Thanks for listening, if you find these episodes helpful please do tip the series over on www.patreon.com/carolineforan or via the one time support button here on Acast.

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