A Mental Health Journey Podcast: #15: Wellbeing at Work with Dr. Nick Taylor, CEO of Unmind

Dr. Nick Taylor’s interest in wellbeing began in his youth, while growing up with a sister who has down syndrome. His interest in the area led him on a path to becoming a trained clinical psychologist and eventually being appointed the NHS’s lead clinical psychologist in Central London. It was in that role that Nick came up with the idea for Unmind, which four years on is one of the UK’s fastest growing and most reputable wellbeing start-ups.  Unmind is a workplace mental health platform, that empowers employees to measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing. 

In this episode, Conor speaks to Nick about wellbeing in the workplace – where it is at in Ireland and the UK, where it is moving, how it can be improved by an employer and how it can be improved by an employee. Nick’s own wellbeing routine as the owner of a fast growing enterprise is another key topic of discussion.

This is a must listen for any employer, employee or start-up founder who is looking to improve their colleagues and their own wellbeing at work 🙂

Unmind Website – https://unmind.com/

A Mental Health Journey Website – https://amentalhealthjourney.com/

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