6 Surprising Ways You’re Getting Gratitude Wrong

How You are Getting Gratitude Wrong

According to the research, there are 4 essential elements of genuine gratitude. Without all 4, you can’t unlock the powerful physiological, neurological, and psychological benefits of genuine gratitude.

For example, if you’re just thinking about what you’re grateful for or writing a list before you go to bed, you’re probably not getting the full impact of its power.

Once you know the 4 steps, you can use genuine gratitude to actively rewire your brain!

Next, we’ll discuss the “Toxic Gratitude Theory” and the 6 ways you probably use gratitude in a backhanded or manipulative way – and don’t even know it!

I’m guilty of all 6 types of toxic gratitude (ouch) and now that I see it, I can stop doing it.

So today, let’s learn how to unlock gratitude and all its profound power. You’ll also learn…

  • The 4 neurotransmitters involved in a science-backed gratitude practice
  • The important difference between being just “thankful” versus genuinely “grateful” and why it matters
  • How using one specific word is critical to building up your resilience
  • What to say to someone who’s going through a really tough time

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