Where Is My Mind? Meditation 3 (long meditation): Mountain Meditation

Where is My Mind?

Meditation 3 (long meditation): Mountain Meditation

This meditation also accompanies episode 3 of Where Is My Mind. Niall Breslin guides you through the mountain meditation, adapted from Jon Kabat Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living. A mountain stands rooted and grounded in its ever-changing conditions and seasons. We humans also endure a never ending stream of changing conditions and life challenges. Our true essential self is also unwavering in the face of the storms and changes of seasons we face as people. The mountain meditation helps us to tap into that essential core of strength and see how we, too, can stand tall in the face of life’s challenges.

Over the series so far, we have learned three meditations and also the three step breathing space. Over the next week maybe doing each one on each different day or on certain days, trying to do two of them.

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