The Lost Boys – Where is my Mind?

Welcome to Where Is My Mind? A podcast about how we can better look after our heads and our hearts in the head-melty chaos of the modern world.

In this week’s episode, Niall looks at a topic he’s wanted to explore for quite some time. Masculinity is a complex subject in today’s world, one that is often accompanied by words like ‘toxic’, ‘crisis’ or ‘fragile’, and that absolutely needs discussion when figures like Andrew Tate try to push a definition of what it means to ‘be a man’. Masculinity is indeed in a difficult place, but we need to look at WHY it’s in this place.

Niall asks why masculinity feels so lost in modern society, along with exploring his own relationship with it. However, the conversation is led in a different direction when he visits the Men’s Shed in Ballybrack, Dublin. If you’re unfamiliar with Men’s Shed, they are community projects where men can come together, share skills and form friendships, an environment that allows for meaningful, honest and vulnerable conversations just like this one.
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