Owning It: Why your anxiety makes perfect sense

Hello dear listener and welcome back to season 3 of Owning It The Anxiety Podcast. I am back a little sooner than planned with slightly different episodes than planned and for that we can blame the pandemic, hurrah! I know anxiety is at an all time high right now so I want to be there for people who need reassurance via the podcast. For season 3 it will be just me releasing weekly short episodes that will offer a coping mechanism, a how-to or something useful that I hope will help you to feel more at ease not just during the pandemic but outside of it too. These are anxiety management skills that have turned my life around and often they are very simple. First up I want to reach out to anyone who has maybe never experienced anxiety before and is feeling unnerved by its presence or for those who thought they were doing fine and suddenly feel its weight again.

This 20 minute episode will reassure you that whatever you are feeling is A-OK. Thanks for supporting me if you already have by tipping the series so that it can keep going via my Patreon page, patreon.com/carolineforan and don’t forget the books (OWNING IT and The Confidence Kit – OWN IT and You Got This if you are in the US/Canada) are widely available around the globe on Amazon or local retailers (online for now!) 

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