Owning It: What is Comfortable Neutrality and why is it important for anxiety?

Another solo episode as part of season 3. This time I am introducing you to the concept of Comfortable Neutrality which is essential for increasing confidence and an incredibly helpful tool for down-regulating our anxiety response. It is an idea put forward in my second book The Confidence Kit (which is out now in the US/Canada but called ‘You Got This’) and once you wrap your head around it you can start to practise it daily. This episode also includes a meditative body scan. If you’d like to support the series please tip the podcast at www.patreon.com/carolineforan or purchase either Owning It (Own It in the US) or The Confidence Kit (You Got This in the US) or pre-order NAKED which is all about the power of vulnerability and is due for release next January.

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