Owning It: The Science of Self Compassion for Reducing Anxiety with TED Talker Dr Kristen Neff

For this episode I am joined by one of my heroes: Dr Kristin Neff. She is so ridiculously qualified there just isn’t enough room in the podcast notes to fill you in on why she’s the business but we do discuss her background at the beginning of this episode. Her main topic is self-compassion and when I first came across her TED Talk, it was an instant game changer for me. Here she talks me through the science of self-compassion, how to bring more of it into our life, what we get wrong about it, how it can benefit us and what exactly happens in the brain and body when we choose to take the self-compassionate route. It is my ultimate anxiety reducing tool these days and I hope, upon listening to this episode, that it’s the same for you. For more on self-compassion, go to Dr Neff’s brilliant website, https://self-compassion.org.

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