Person Centred Therapy


Person-Centred Therapy (PCT)

Person-Centred Therapy Person-centred therapy, developed by Carl Rogers, is a humanistic approach to counselling that emphasises the client’s self-discovery and growth. It focuses on creating a non-judgmental and empathetic therapeutic relationship, where the therapist provides unconditional positive regard, empathy, and genuineness to support the client’s self-exploration and personal development. Elaine Bramhall is a person-centred counsellor. […]

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fully functioning person

Fully Functioning Person – Carl Rogers

The Fully Functioning Person In Episode 239 of the Counselling Tutor Podcast, your hosts Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly take us through this week’s three topics: Firstly, in ‘Theory in Practice’ a look at the fully functioning person according to Carl Rogers. Then in ‘Practice Partner’, Rory and Ken look at ways to get the

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