Owning It: Your anxiety perfectly explained by a Behavioural Neuroscientist

I think this might be the most insightful and informative episode I’ve shared to date where Dr Michael Keane, Behavioural Neuroscientist and founder of actualise.ie, talks me through exactly how our brain functions when it comes to anxiety and how we are best posed to take back control. I’ve never had someone explain how our brains work and how anxiety can happen in the brain in as digestible a way as Dr Keane does here. We talk about everything from the neuroscience stance on mindfulness, the power of language to enhance or reduce our feelings of anxiety, how we can strengthen our prefrontal cortex to down regulate the limbic system and how incredibly normal it is that we are all walking around this world feeling a little bit anxious. If I had heard this conversation five years ago I would have been so incredibly reassured; I hope it empowers you to know that you absolutely can OWN IT.

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