Discover the Benefits of a Strategic Alcohol Break

Time to take an Alcohol Break?

Why take an alcohol break? How does alcohol fit into your life? Have you ever given it any thought?

Andy Ramage, a performance coach and author who is one of the founders of One Year No Beer, a habit-changing program that encourages individuals to try a period of alcohol abstinence and see the potential benefits. Andy describes himself as a ‘middle lane drinker,’ someone who drinks occasionally to unwind, at work events, and during social gatherings. He acknowledges that alcohol is deeply ingrained in our social lives and work culture, making it challenging to imagine life without it. However, taking a break from alcohol, even if you do not have a problematic relationship with it, can bring about several surprising benefits.

Andy and the host discuss the societal expectations and peer pressure associated with drinking and share their individual experiences with alcohol. The conversation includes practical tips to assist anyone considering taking a tactical break from alcohol. Andy emphasizes that his program is not designed to make individuals stop drinking for good, but rather to encourage them to consider how alcohol fits into their lives and the potential benefits of taking a break.

Overall, this is an inspiring conversation that may provide life-enhancing lessons for individuals who are considering cutting down, have not considered it, or are already abstaining from alcohol.

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