Step-by-Step Guide to Anxiety

Guide to Anxiety

Here is a step by step guide to anxiety and how to tackle it. 

Anxiety can be really uncomfortable, it can mess with your life, and our natural tendency is to avoid stuff that makes us anxious, but that can make your life worse- procrastinating assignments, being afraid to leave the house, avoiding social activities, keeping yourself distracted all the time so you don’t have to notice your anxious thoughts…you get the idea. 

But here’s the thing, you don’t just have to cope with anxiety. You can learn to process through anxiety, to resolve it and change your relationship to it. Let me show you how. In this video we’ll use three examples to show you a step by step way to process anxiety. We’re going to talk about:

  1. Bob, who has social anxiety- He feels anxious and uncomfortable around people he constantly worries about what he says and what other people are thinking about him.
  2. Jane who experiences general anxiety-She just feels anxious and jittery much of the day for no apparent reason. And
  3. Fred who has event anxiety- Fred is really anxious about an upcoming presentation that he has to give at school, it’s a big part of his grade and really needs to get a good score.
    And we’re going to use these three examples as a way to actually put into practice the emotion processing model, those in-depth skills that help you resolve anxiety instead of just cope with it.

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