Sleep Well – Episode 2: Use the morning light

Get comfortable, let go of the cares of the day and take a sonic journey with Dr Michael Mosley. In this new sound-filled podcast series, designed to help you drift off, each episode focuses on a scientifically-proven sleep technique and takes a deep dive through some incredible sleep-related bodily mechanisms.

The light of the morning can be a powerful ally when it comes to the evening and falling asleep. Also: special eye sensors that have nothing to do with vision, a master timekeeper in the brain that’s smaller than a grain of rice, and the hormone of night.

Guest: Dr Christine Blume, psychologist and sleep researcher at the Centre for Chronobiology in Basel, Switzerland.

Producer and Sound Design: Richard Ward Assistant Producer: Gulnar Mimaroglu Editor: Zoe Heron

A BBC Studios production for BBC Radio 4.
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