Relationship Rumination with Alicia Munoz

Alicia Muñoz, LPC, author of Stop Overthinking Your Relationship, joins us to discuss relationship rumination. Muñoz is a certified couples therapist, and author of three relationship books. Over the past fifteen years, she has provided individual, group, and couples therapy in clinical settings, including Bellevue Hospital in New York, NY. Muñoz currently works as a couples counselor in private practice. She connects with her readers and followers through monthly blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and radio shows, as well as through Instagram at @aliciamunozcouples, and Facebook and Twitter at @aliciamunozlpc. Muñoz is a member of the Washington School of Psychiatry, the American Psychological Association, and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Imago and Relationship Therapists. She is also an expert contributor to Psychotherapy Networker,, and other print and online magazines. You can learn more about her at
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