Owning It: Why Don’t You Like Me? With Stefanie Preissne‪r‬

For this episode I am joined by the brilliant writer Stefanie Preissner for what I would say is my most radically honest and open conversation on this series to date. Stefanie and I talk about therapy, smart ways of finding the right person for you and knowing whether or not it’s working for you, we talk about Stefanie’s own anxiety, the fact that she is currently in the midst of not feeling so wonderful (and so often we only talk about bad times once we’ve come out the other side of them), we talk about both of our needs to be liked by others and we also discuss an issue that had bothered us both: I thought Stefanie didn’t like me (she had blocked me on Instagram) and Stefanie thought I didn’t like her (so she decided to block me from her Instagram). Both of us feeling the same anxieties, grappling with the same fears and so we talk it out. I hope you find this one as refreshing to listen to as I found discussing it. Stefanie’s own podcast is BASICALLY and available wherever you get your podcasts.

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