Niall Breslin Mindful Moments for Children | Episode 1: Colour Breathing

To coincide with the release of ‘The Chill Skill’, the latest in a series of bestselling Children’s picture books by myself and illustrated by Emma Proctor, I have created a series of customised mindfulness mini-series to help the kids in your life find some space in their hectic days, to give their busy minds a well-earned rest. It’s no doubt been a challenging time for us all, but it’s been especially difficult for our kids. Over the course of the week, the podcasts will explore mindfulness techniques that can help them deal with the array of different emotions they may be experiencing at the present moment. Anxiety, fear, anger and frustration to name but a few. Very normal but sometimes challenging feelings. This mini-series can also help kids develop the language to express themselves and communicate with those around them how they are feeling. They are short, practical and relatable techniques that can hopefully act as a real supportive tool for the kids in your life during this difficult and uncertain time, and who knows, may even help you too. You can purchase ‘The Chill Skill’ here 👉

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