Where There’s A Will. Episode 05: If You Tolerate This

Children are the most precious and vulnerable members of our society. They are a blank slate- they come into the world with no hang ups, preconceptions, fears or worries. We teach them all that.

But more and more, our children are finding it hard to cope. Childhood, this precious, carefree time is becoming a tougher ground to navigate. For some it is time full of worries, stresses and fear.

In this episode, we speak to Niall Muldoon, the Ombudsman for Children, Paul Giligan, CEO of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, and Dominic Laydon, CEO of Aware. We also speak to two mothers, Samantha and Frances, whose children have been in the mental health system, and hear the challenges they faced in getting their children the help they needed.

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