Where is My Mind? Episode 62: A Place In Your Heart Where Humans Can’t Reach

In this episode, Niall looks back on the moment a few weeks ago when his best friend Liam called to say his dog Kaiser had to be put down. Kaiser was more than a pet to Liam, he was an extension of him. In the aftermath of his passing Liam said to Niall “dogs get into a place in your heart that humans can’t reach” 
Niall speaks to Liam about the loss of Kaiser and the wonderful impact he had on his life. He’s also joined by Dr. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist of dogs at Emory University, to talk about the unique relationship between humans and dogs, how they can teach us to be more mindful and whether they love us as much as we love them. 
Brace yourselves, this may be the podcast equivalent of Marley & Me, but it will make you appreciate how our four-legged friends make the world a better place.

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