Where is My Mind? Episode 57: The Psychedelic Renaissance Part 2

In a follow up to the Psychedelic Renaissance episode with the founder of MAPS Rick Doblin, Niall speaks to the co-founders and co-directors of Alalaho, Stefana Bosse and Ciara Sherlock. Alalaho facilitates psycho-spiritual retreats in the Netherlands, where they support people through their psychedelic journey in a therapeutic and safe environment.

We also speak to Lauren MacDonald, an amazing woman with an amazing story. Lauren is a medical doctor and psychiatrist who found her way to psychedelics while trying to process the trauma of overcoming stage four cancer, having previously been given just 12 months to live. She had her first psychedelic experience with Alalaho, and said it completely transformed her life. 
There is still a stigma attached to psychedelics, but their use in treatment of mental health issues is advancing incredibly quickly, so we ask you to listen with an open mind.


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