Where is My Mind? Episode 48: Marathon Mind Ep 2 – Waves

This week’s episode is our second instalment of the Marathon Mind journey, ‘Waves’. Niall checks in with our coaches to discuss the reoccurring themes of the first month, and with our four individuals Marion, Danny, Phelim and Michelle to see how they’ve been finding everything so far. He also speaks to neuroscientist Michael Keane about the EEG scans each participant had done. 
Marathon Mind will be bringing four individuals, each with their own unique challenges in life, on a nine-month journey to complete one of the most testing of all endurance events, a marathon. Our aim is to train the mind to make the body strong, not the other way around. Join us on the Where Is My Mind podcast over the next nine months to follow their stories and hear expert advice from our incredible, focused and driven team as we help them to the finish line.
Want to join the journey with us? Follow us on @marathonmindofficial on Instagram where we’ll be sharing our training programmes and updates along the way.

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