Where is My Mind? Episode 12: The Lockdown Ukulele

On March 2020 the world stopped spinning on its axis as COVID-19 hit and we were all asked to stay home. In an effort to connect hearts and minds during these scary times; Niall sent 400 ukuleles to people cocooning at home to learn an instrument for the first time to show how powerful music can be in a crisis. After six lessons, these budding players joined Irish band The Blizzards and a raft of other musicians and singers to remotely record the world’s first ever lockdown ukulele rock down.’ When words fail, music speaks’, and this episode of Where Is My Mind shows the true unifying power of music. If you’d like to see the accompanying music video, check out YouTube; and search Spotify for the Lockdown Ukulele Rockdown single to add the track to your playlists. Produced by Niall Breslin, Ciara O’Connor Walsh, with huge help from Niall’s friends, family, fellow musicians, the sweet tunes choir, a drone pilot, and 400 cocooning ukulele players. Dedicated to everyone who lost their lives to the corona virus, including Niall’s uncle Johnny, and Ciara’s grandfather John; and to everyone who has worked on the front line to help stop the spread of this virus – thank you.

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