See Change Sessions with Alittlegail S3- Ep12: Getting uncomfortable talking about hospitalisation

Welcome to See Change Sessions with Alittlegail! This podcast, created by See Change and hosted by Abigail McDonnell, is all about starting the conversation and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and the difficulties that may come within it. On this weeks episode, Abigail is joined by guests Prof. Jim Lucey, Consultant at St Patrick’s University Hospital, TCD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and See Change Ambassador Sheila Naughton. For the month of August, we will be joined by our partner organisations and supporters in order to get uncomfortable talking about mental health difficulties. For more information, visit for more information on mental health stigma.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the podcast are solely that of the podcast contributor and not that of Shine or See Change.

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Support services:

St Patrick’s University Hospital, Depression Support & Education Services – Aware, Bodywhys | The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland, OCD Ireland – FIND THE FREEDOM TO MOVE FORWARD


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