Owning It: Self worth with Greg O’She‪a‬

For this episode I am joined by Greg O’Shea, Rugby Sevens star here in Ireland who shot to fame across the UK and Ireland after appearing on Love Island. A reality TV series where everyone wants a piece of you, and as soon as you do something that doesn’t please the masses, you’re down over 700,000 instagram followers. Is it possible to keep self worth and such a measurable metric of success separate? How do you cope with the opinions of the world coming at you? Greg talks death threats, remembering what’s important and knowing how to measure his self worth and keep anxiety at a level he can manage. For 25, he has an impressive perspective on what counts and what doesn’t (25 was the age I was when everything fell apart for me) and almost without realising it, he has cultivated a set of skills for keeping his mental health in excellent condition these past few years. He’s a genuinely nice, humble guy who knows how important it is to normalise mental health struggles and I was delighted to have him as a guest.

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