Owning It: Revisiting our childhood experiences with Disney Channel child star Alyson Stoner

For this episode I am joined by the wonderful Alyson Stoner. A super successful child star, Alyson appeared to have it all going on: she was the featured dancer (as a little girl) in the Missy Elliot Work It video. She was on several Disney projects, Cheaper by the Dozen franchise, the Step Up franchise and so much more. But with such a high pressure environment that was sent against the backdrop of a chaotic and turbulent home life, things were not as wonderful as they may have seemed. Alyson chats to me here about the trauma she experienced, how her anxiety manifested as an eating disorder, how and when she knew she needed some help, how she came through it, and how she now reconciles her childhood experiences so that they inform her life as a wellbeing and mental health advocate now. She’s incredibly articulate and she’s just launched a new positive mental health platform called Movement Genius which I urge you to check out.

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