Owning It: How to help your anxious child with Dr Malie Coyne

In this episode of Owning It I am joined by Dr Malie Coyne who is an incredible clinical psychologist. She is the author of Love In Love Out, which is a compassion based approach to parenting your anxious child. Whether or not you have kids it’s incredibly helpful to understand how anxiety manifests in children; it helped me to understand my own childhood anxiety in terms of learning about the development of a young brain, particularly how we learn to store long term memory and our fear response in our brain long before we develop logic and reason which enables us to rationalise our fears and worries. Don’t miss Malie’s book, widely available in stores and online and follow her on instagram for lots of child related mental health content. Please support Owning It with a one time tip via the Acast supporter feature, or by buying my books.

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