Owning It: Daniella Moyles shares her anxiety story

For this episode – one of my last of the season – I am joined by the beautiful Daniella Moyles who shares her anxiety story with me. Apologies for the sound quality on this – the internet connection was very dodgy while we tried to speak on Zoom! I’ve known Daniella for a good few years now and when I first met her, I would have been completely shocked to be told she struggled with anxiety, but that just goes to show you that anxiety is something that anyone can experience. She seemed to have it all – confidence, beauty, success, she was always sharing pics from some exotic destination around the globe. Nothing phased her, I thought, while my anxiety stole me of so many travelling experiences (but that just happens to be one of the ways in which it affected me). But I was wrong. Thanks to Daniella for her honesty and vulnerability here and if you are looking for a page-turning read that’s beautifully written, get yourself a copy of her book JUMP. It was number 1 on the Irish bestseller list for a number of weeks running so you don’t just have to take my word for it.

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