Owning It: How sleep affects anxiety and how anxiety affects sleep

In this episode of Owning It I am diving into the subject of sleep with sleep expert Tom Coleman. We talk about the importance of sleep for regulating emotions, how a sleep deficit affects anxiety and how anxiety affects our sleep. Crucially, Tom offers his best advice on how to improve our sleep, our ability to fall asleep and to stay asleep. We talk generally a lot about what’s happening at a biological level with anxiety too. I got so much from chatting with Tom and I hope you do too. Tom has kindly offered a pair of tickets to his events happening in Dublin in January 2020 and the link is below. If you’d like to win the pair of tickets worth €200, simply share this episode on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #TheFearWorkshop and tag me in it too so I can see it! Thanks as always for tuning in and please support via Patreon below.

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