Owning It: Anxiety at work with Dermot & Dave

For this episode of Owning It The Anxiety Podcast I am joined by Irish radio’s most loved duo, Dermot Whelan and Dave Moore (more commonly referred to as Dermot & Dave, of Today FM fame). Both of the lads share their respective experience of anxiety along with how they look after their mental health today. We talked about everything from anxiety when you’re a parent (which is something I’ve yet to experience) to the role that gender plays in our experience of mental health issues and ultimately how we can, as a society, best approach the issue of anxiety in the workplace, where so much anxiety comes from. Dermot and Dave are keen to stress that occasional tokenism doesn’t have a lasting impact. Both of these men are avid meditators (Dermot now teaches it) and they will certainly convince you to indulge in your own version of quiet time. 

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