Johnny Wilkinson: suffering in silence, insecurity and cultivating self-worth

This week Ella is joined by Jonny Wilkinson for a candid conversation on replacing external validation with self-worth. They discuss the disconnect between Jonny’s external accomplishments (becoming one of the world’s greatest rugby players) and his internal struggles, his experience with depression and anxiety, the catalyst for addressing his mental health and the tools that enabled him to transform into the man he is today.

They discuss:
– Why external achievements and validation don’t bring lasting joy
– Succeeding professionally while struggling internally
– The pressure to keep on achieving
– Jonny’s experiences with anxiety and depression
– Getting off the hamster wheel of acting out of fear and low self-worth
– How to reframe your thoughts to accept difficult circumstances and feelings, unconditionally
– Cultivating self-trust and a supportive inner voice, and releasing the need to control
– Why nothing will change if you don’t apply what you understand
– The importance of regulating your nervous system
– Jonny’s practices for feeling well
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