Flint, The Rock & Our Anxious Brain

Welcome to Where Is My Mind? A podcast about how we can better look after our heads and
In this week’s episode, Niall is talking about the brain. Our brain has evolved to act as a defence system, an alarm that’s there to warn you and keep you alive, but in the modern world that system can be overstimulated. We are constantly surrounded by perceived threats that cause us anxiety and overwhelm.

Niall is joined by neuroscientist, psychologist and good friend Dr. Michael Keane to break this down for us. Taking us back to caveman times with two characters called Flint Eastwood and The Rock, they discuss how through natural selection we have all ended up with the anxious brain of Flint, how that brain operates in our modern world (think supermarket checkout panic attacks and an unhealthy addiction to our phones), but also why these automatic mechanisms are vital for protecting us and keeping us safe.
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