A Mental Health Journey Podcast: #17: Growing Up In War & Taking the Fight To ill Mental Health with Mandana Ahamadi, CEO of Aya

Mandana Ahmadi is someone that I have only known for a few weeks but the moment I heard about her life story, I knew that I needed to have her on the podcast as my third interviewee.  

Mani has a PhD in Computational Neuroscience and is the CEO of an exciting mental health start-up in the UK, but that reality did not look likely when she was growing up in war-torn Iran during the 1980s. Then, as a young girl, she watched as planes flew overhead and looked to drop bombs on her community; she was forced to flee to shelters in the middle of her school day; and she was denied so many of the opportunities that young children deserve to have. Those experiences have stuck with Mani and have given her a special perspective on the world. It is that perspective that led her to dedicating her academic and business careers to the world of positive wellbeing. 

In this episode, I talk to Mani about; growing up in war times; resilience; better looking after ourselves during this pandemic; computational Neuroscience; and the idea behind Aya. 

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