#66 The Narcissist Nightmare – Where is My Mind?

In our second episode of The Therapy Room Niall speaks to psychologists Dr. Tony Bates and Louize Carroll about narcissists, a topic highly requested by our listeners. They discuss the destructive effect a narcissist can have on a person’s sense of self, the foundations and explanations of why they are that way and what you can do if you’re in a relationship with one.

Dr Tony Bates was Head of Psychology for 30 years in St James’s Hospital Dublin, he established and directed the MSc Cognitive Psychotherapy in TCD, he also founded Jigsaw (The National Centre for Youth Mental Health) in 2006 to meet the mental health needs young people.

Louize Carroll, a consultant psychologist, was part of the implementation and establishment of Jigsaw across Ireland, she is co-founder of a new online therapy platform called PRISM Therapy Online, provides direct therapy, works on prolific child protection cases and delivers leadership development training.

Both are two of the most compelling and illuminating speakers on the human condition, on suffering and on the therapeutic process. Together in the Therapy Room episodes each month, we will be discussing approaches to a variety of different problems that are encountered in the therapy setting. Tony and Louize will talk about what they’ve learned being in the privileged position of being let into people’s innermost worlds, and we invite suggestions from our listeners on any specific mental health or general life struggle themes or topics you might want to know more about.
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