What you Don’t remember… About your Memory with Dr. Ari Tuckman

Memory is not one thing, says our guest, Dr. Ari Tuckman, and ADHD might be at the centre of your struggles with each component of memory at any given time. More important than understanding that ADHD and memory are sometimes troubled partners is understanding just what you can do to improve your odds when trying to remember the important stuff.
We talk about being kind to yourself and understanding that your memory challenges do not represent a moral failure! And Ari challenges head-on the notion that relying on reminders is a sign of weakness, that there is a difference between an alarm or notification and the motivation to do the thing the alarm is reminding you to do — one does not make the other a failure.

Links & Notes
(00:00) – Welcome to The ADHD Podcast
(02:18) – Support the Show: Become a Patron!
(04:22) – Introducing Ari Tuckman
(05:41) – What is Memory?
(16:27) – Keeping it all in your head…
(20:36) – The Alarm versus the Motiviation
(24:37) – Introducing: The Awful Inner Child
(39:37) – State Dependent Memory

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