Therapist vs. Artificial Intelligence

AI or Therapy

Therapist Vs. Artificial Intelligence, can Chat GPT handle complex questions about mental health? Could Artificial Intelligence do a therapist’s job someday? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT has taken over and it’s pretty incredible, so far it’s helped me figure out Excel formulas, helped my assistant write emails, summarized videos, and suggested topics for future videos. It’s a super powerful tool, and my husband is also obsessed with it.

I’ve asked you all to submit some questions and I’m going to try to answer them, then we’ll ask Chat GPT for it’s opinion and Today I’ve got my friend, colleague and boss with me Monica Blume, LCSW, and she’s going to be the judge of which of us did a better job. And throw out her suggestions for what the treatment would be.

For the sake of time we’ll try to outline a treatment approach if the answer to the question is too long for this video.

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