TAKING CONTROL The ADHD Podcast- Turn Around Negative ADHD Self-Talk

Coupled with distraction, negative ADHD self-talk is scrawled on the box describing ADHD. If we were in a global competition, we’d gold medal in it. When your ADHD is on lock, that voice can be destructive. This week: how do you manage that little voice when ADHD is having a very good day?

How often do you hear it in your own voice? I’m always late. I can never stop when I need to. I can never get started.

This is a symptom of ADHD and we all have it in some fashion or another. And as this is a conversation that is part of our transitions series, we have to remind you that when you are struggling with making context shifts, you’re likely celebrating with negative self language. You’re not broken. You’re not doing anything wrong. It is… exactly what it is.

This week on the show, Nikki and Pete are talking about this negative self-talk and ADHD and how you can start reprogramming your brain toward self-kindness and compassion.

Oh, and if you have any trouble with that, you should take some advice from Nikki.

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