St Patrick’s Mental Health: Mental Health Support Systems

When you’re going through or recovering from a mental health difficulty, knowing you have a group of people to support you can be a huge boost and reassurance. Family, friends and carers can be there to listen, to share, and to help you recognise when you might need some extra support. You might also find it helpful to talk with other people who have gone through mental health challenges, sharing your experiences and learning from one another. All these relationships and friendships can make a big difference not only in your recovery, but in managing your mental health long-term. So how do you build a good support system and what does it feel like to know people are there? Grace Mongey of Faces by Grace; Elaine Donnelly, mental health social worker in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services; and Sean Fitzpatrick, service user representative, join us to discuss. In this webinar, we hear personal experience of mental health and of how people going through recovery built support systems to help them. We explore the roles of these support systems in recovery, how best to identify your own support needs, and how to communicate your support needs with those around you. The ways families can best support a loved one with a mental health difficulty and access support if needed are also discussed. This webinar was held as part of WIMS Live, an exciting online programme of wellbeing events, activities and curated content to celebrate World Mental Health Day. Find out more at

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