Should You get an ADHD Assessment?

Considering an ADHD Assessment?

Should you get an ADHD Assessment? This video hopes to assist you in deciding whether to pursue clinical diagnosis.

Being assessed for ADHD is a big decision, and not very cheap. The first thing to keep in mind that ADHD is a common condition. According to research, about 4% of the population has ADHD in adulthood, and less than 1% of this is diagnosed.

The symptoms of ADHD in adults and children can be quite different. In adulthood if you have ADHD, you may feel that you have always been a little different, you might be described as a ‘daydreamer’ or you might rely on stress to get things done.

About Stephen Humphries:

Dr Stephen Humphries is a consultant psychiatrist who has 30 years of medical experience. He has practised general adult psychiatry at consultant level within the NHS for 23 years, including seven years as a Medical Director. He has an interest in psychoanalytical psychotherapy and the management of personality disorders.

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