Owning It: Men and the stigma of admitting they’re struggling‬

For this episode I am joined by Gareth Mullins, head chef and self described perfectionist and high achiever at Dublin’s 5 star hotel The Marker. Gareth reached out to me a few years ago to say he was struggling, he didn’t understand why and he didn’t want to admit that he was having a hard time with anxiety. He went to the doctor, who suggested medication, which he didn’t want to take because to him that meant admitting defeat or weakness. Here we talk about the stigma that unfortunately still lingers around mental health, particularly when it comes to men. Is there room for anxiety in a high pressure, nothing-less-than-perfection work environment? There needs to be.

Gareth runs regular cooking courses online – they are brilliant – check him out at @garmullins on Instagram for more details and announcements of upcoming courses and classes.

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