How to be More Resilient – 6 Traits of Resilient People

Resilience is the ability to adapt and recover in the face of adversity, stress, or trauma. It involves being able to bounce back from setbacks, cope with challenges, and maintain a sense of optimism and hope. Resilient individuals are able to persevere through difficult times, and are often better equipped to handle future challenges. Resilience can be developed through a combination of factors, including personal traits, social support, and life experiences.

When it comes to being more resilient a lot of people probably think that being more resilient means “Just try harder” “Suck it up” “Get over it” or “Just push through”. They think that the way to be more resilient, the way to overcome obstacles is to just force yourself to be motivated and keep going even if things aren’t working. And, while grit is a great characteristic, just forcing it can’t be your only tool. If you really want to be more resilient, you’ve got to have a toolbox of skills to rely upon when it all hits the fan. So in this video you’ll learn 6 ways to be more resilient. And I’m going to give you lots of examples of how to be resilient from Laura’s channel. Let’s get better at feeling. Resilience means to bounce back. So for example, rubber is resilient. Resilience means getting back up just one time more than getting knocked down. I think some people think mental strength comes from just being super tough, super strong. But I would disagree. Ice is strong, but it’s not resilient. Resilience is a combination of toughness and flexibility.

It’s not just trying the same thing over and over again. It’s not just trying harder. It’s not just willpower. It’s trying something differently.

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