Adolescent Mental Health – Supporting Parents to Support their Families – St. Pat’s

WARNING This video shares information which some viewers may find difficult.

In this webinar, Noelle Meehan, Systemic Family Therapist in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, explores adolescent mental health and how to support parents to support their families.

This webinar aims to help #parents in their supporting role as they care for their adolescent, their other children and themselves. Common emotional experiences and issues that may arise in families where an adolescent is experiencing a #mentalhealth difficulty are discussed and strategies are identified to help parents respond to their child in helpful ways.

During this talk, we learn about balancing expectations with #wellness. When an #adolescent is struggling with something, the default for parents can be to try and make them feel better and fix the problem, but is also important to show that you understand them and validate their feelings; there is a balance to this. Sometimes miscommunication can happen between parents and adolescents so learning to communicate in new ways can help show the young person that you are listening to them and supporting them.

Watch the full recording to hear more from Noelle as she goes through some of the common experiences faced by parents supporting an adolescent with a mental health difficulty, and gives practical advice to parents and family members. We hope that this family webinar will help support you and your loved one continue the journey to recovery together.

This is part of ‘Mental Health Recovery: A Family Perspective’, our free information series for #families and carers of people living with a #mentalhealth difficulty. Find out more below:…

If you are affected by any of the issues discussed in the webinar, you can speak to an experienced mental health nurse through our Support and Information Line, which runs from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Call +353 1 249 333, email or learn more below.…

If you are in crisis and need urgent support, help is available: find a list of crisis support and out of hours services in Ireland below:…

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