The Therapy Room – Forgive, not Forget with Louize Carrol and Dr. Tony Bates

There are many phases to move through when processing a difficult event or experience in your life. A good therapist will guide you as you encounter difficult emotions, learn to really feel them and then let them go. One of the most difficult and sometimes resisted parts of this process is forgiveness.

Niall is joined by our expert psychologists Louize Carroll and Dr. Tony Bates as they dissect the complexities of forgiveness. Although forgiveness can be incredibly freeing, it needs to be done at the right time, in the right context and be accompanied by firm boundaries. Tony and Louize discuss some of their personal experiences with forgiveness, how they approach it with their clients in the therapy room and how embracing it can be the biggest gift you give to yourself. Niall also asks how we can even begin to consider forgiveness in a world full of so much pain, particularly pain that is caused by societal injustice, war and atrocities like we’re seeing unfolding everyday.

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