Parental Anxiety: ‘Does my child need an assessment?’

On this episode, the final of this season, I am joined by clinical psychologist Dr. Claire Conlon (The Caterpillar Clinic) for a very specific conversation that I hope will be useful for those among you who are parents. This mirrors my own current experience, and my last year and a half. It’s about the overwhelming anxiety you can carry as a parent when you’re worried about your child and the ways in which they appear to be struggling, when you’re not sure what or if something is at play for them, where to go to for support and wondering if it’s something that will just pass with time or if it’s something you need to look into. We also talk about the problem with self-blame and the importance of regulating yourself as a parent. I draw on my own experience a lot for this. I hope you find this episode reassuring and helpful and I’ll be back very soon for a brand news season.

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